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JFY リーダーズ研修合宿に関するお知らせ

Japanese Filipino Youth Educational Program








日程    2013年915()16()


場所 桐花園 (神奈川県相模原市・JR中央本線藤野駅)


  • 対象者 小学校5年生以上(11歳~)※定員30
  • 参加費 一人8千円程度(宿泊代および食費)
  • 内 容 ワークショップ、多文化学習、レクリエーション、他


  • 申込方法 申込用紙をEメール (jfy-program@hotmail.co.jp)もしくはファックス(03-5696-4449)にてご送付下さい
  • 締切       811()











JFYコミッティメンバー 一同

JFY代表 ジェス・ダーニョ神父(葛西カトリック教会主任司祭)

CTICユースプログラムコーディネーター 中村潔



2013 JFY Leaders’ Camp

Japanese Filipino Youth Educational Program

Greetings in the Lord.

Summer has come.

We are happy to invite you again for this year’s JFY Leader’s Camp.

This camp is an intensive leadership training program for bicultural youth to be trained as future leaders of the church community.  This year’s theme is “Beyond Differences.”  We hope to provide opportunity to learn about their cultures and to give them an idea on how to live as a bicultural youth.

Starting from this year, we are so thankful for the cooperation of Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC).  The details are as follows:


Date September 15th (Sun) to 16th (holiday)

Place Tokaen ( Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture– JR Chuo Honsen Fujino Station)


  • Participants Age 11 (Grade 5) and above (Limit of 30 persons)
  • Fee 8,000Yen / person (accommodation and food expense included)
  • Programs Workshop / Cultural Learning / Recreation and etc.


Application Send application form by e-mail(jfy-program@hotmail.co.jp) or by Fax (03-5696-4449)


Deadline August 11th (Sun)


We are also requesting mothers and fathers to offer their services during the camp for cooking and driving etc.


Please fill up the reservation slip and send it to us as soon as possible since it is first come first serve.  As soon as we get your reservation slip, we will send you the application form and all the other details regarding the camp.  We are looking forward to seeing you all!


For more information, you may contact JFY or Father Jesus Dano at Kasai Catholic Church (03-3698-0014).


JFY Committee Members

Father Jesus Dano, OSA, Pastor of Kasai Catholic Church, JFY President

Kiyoshi Nakamura, CTIC Youth Program Coordinator

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